60. Home is where the heart is…

Another picture I took at the zoo.  I didn’t like the people in the background, so I started changing the background and just kept going, in a creative mood today I guess.  It snowed another 5″ here yesterday and is freezing cold today, so I am staying in and playing on the computer (when I should be cleaning)!  Relaxation at it’s best!  LOL


~ by Tammy on February 28, 2009.

14 Responses to “60. Home is where the heart is…”

  1. This guy looks like he’s have a relaxing day at home too!! Tomorrow is March 1st…YEA!!

  2. Great little shot! Is that some kind of chicken?

  3. Where did all this cursed snow come from anyway? Though you’d think everyone had never seen snow before considering how their all like on the roads.

  4. Yet another Tammy Triumph, what a great shot turned into a magnificent document, I honestly Love This. Yes it is Ron

  5. Fabulous work on the background, and lovely journalling. The bird is cute and looks so cozy; guess he’s trying to stay warm, too:-)

  6. What a nice layout you have with the basket and text that go so nicely together. And that rosy face looking out at the world. Good!

  7. I really like this take on the theme, Tammy. Very creative. We are actually supposed to get snow in Georgia tonight.

  8. cute and creative! yay for snow days! : ) cleaning can always be done tomorrow! lol

  9. I love what you did with the processsing – especially the way it stunned Ron to the point that he could only gush and rave about it! Super!

  10. I like the colors!

  11. What a creative take on the theme! The journaling is just perfect for the shot! Nicely done!

  12. This is just beautiful Tammy! Love all the textures and I really think you should make a notecard out of this, it would be gorgeous!

  13. beautiful scrap page 🙂 I love the details and the soft colors you blended in very nice

  14. Faboulous work on the background and beautiful shot! 🙂 Seems like a really cozy home!

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