35. Blue

Back at the zoo today!  The poor peacocks are all huddled against the buildings in straw trying to keep warm.  But now matter how cold they are, their blue feathers just sparkle in the the sun!



~ by Tammy on February 3, 2009.

19 Responses to “35. Blue”

  1. Peacocks are so regal looking. Beautiful shot.

  2. There are like five different shades of blue in this bird’s feathers. Beautiful frame effect, too!

  3. Pretty bird! But their squawk is NOT pretty.

  4. I love peacocks, they are so beautiful and unusual. You got a great pic of this one. Guess it gives new meaning to “turning blue” in this crazy weather.

  5. Spectacular color and I love your frames.

  6. He’s really blue! I like your frame – adds such a unique touch.

  7. Great shot and framing. It looks a bit angry at the cold…

  8. Beautiful capture of the colors–nice effect with the framing.

  9. Poor cold peacocks. Someone tell them it’s gonna warm up soon.

  10. What a wonderful shot, Tammy! I just love this. And your treatment of it, too! I would never have thought of an off-centered frame, but it works perfectly with this one! 🙂

  11. My, those colors are fabulous! Very nice capture and presentation too…

  12. I like the way you emphasized the color with the framing.

  13. so proud standing there getting photographed…turned out great! loved how you have b & w and colour frames.

  14. I love peacocks and you did a great job capturing this one.

  15. Peacocks are really lovely and beautiful. Perfect for the theme and really nice capture.

  16. The light shining on the peacock is perfect. It makes the peacock glow.

  17. beautiful shot! the colors are stunning

  18. Wow, just look at the color! Fabulous!

  19. GORGEOUS colors and fabulous shot! He’s watching you!

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