364. Friends (MOT#36)

Wow, guys only two more photos to go and WE MADE IT…..WE FINISHED!  I could have never accomplished this without some help from my friends….and in case you are wondering, that is each and every one of you!  Thanks for the support and comments all through the year, you all really kept me going!  I’m looking forward to continuing into 2010 with you….another fun year of learning and friendship! 🙂


~ by Tammy on December 29, 2009.

18 Responses to “364. Friends (MOT#36)”

  1. I’ve only viewed a few photo blogs, but regardless, I’m voting your blog and photos are the best! Congrats to ya….

    I’m going to re-do my blog thingy and get ready for 2010….
    Wish me luck, please.

  2. Great take on the theme!

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible devotion to this project. I learned so much from your “eye.” I also feel awed and grateful for all your comments over the past 363 days of the project. Each morning, I knew I could count on an insightful comment from you!

  3. That would have been so good if you hadn’t broken the Butterfly rule, I have no idea where you get your time from either. Lovely to have a friend like you.

  4. congrats to you on completing your 365 challenge AND all those comments you have made! Thanks too for your visits and comments to my blog.
    If you take a rest, you won’t know what to do with all the extra time 😉

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Love this picture! It’s really pretty! Although I came in the middle of this I have had lots of fun finding all the pictures. I really appreciate you coming by my place and making comments. As I don’t know where I’m going next, I guess I’ll keep my old list and work on the ones I haven’t finished yet. Hope you have a wonderful year of great photos. Have a great day!!

  6. Happy new year.
    Tanks for all your commets

  7. Beautiful shot! Thanks so much for all the many comments you have made to my efforts. I know we will continue our friendship into the next project! Happy New Year!!! Go Huskers!

  8. thanks to YOU for all your comments!!! I think you hit my blog almost every day. Amazing. Great image!!

    to answer your lens question, I ended up with just one: a Tamron 18-270 mm dII VC (stabilized) 3.5-6.3 “walkaround” lens. I was whining to the salesman about not wanting to change lenses (the camera deal came with 2) and he recommended this instead. More $$ but I’m VERY happy not to be switching back and forth.

  9. Hurray, you’re almost done! And then you won’t know what to do with yourself you’ll be so excited to have time back again.

  10. The butterflies make me feel warm again, if only for a moment! Gorgeous background!

  11. Thanks for all your kind comments!

  12. Perfect theme as the year winds down. Thank you for your continued presence on the blogs and your insightful and encouraging comments!

  13. Hi Tammy!
    Great photo. A fitting image for the theme. I like the composition and colors. Do you know what happens with 365 Photo Challenge next year? Thank you for your comments on my blog. I appreciate it very much.
    Happy New Year:-)

  14. A perfect theme and shot! You truly have been a backbone of this challenge. Thanks for being my photo friend, your comments are alway appreciated and motivating. Onward into next year’s adventure in just a few photos.

  15. Wow Tammy … saving your best til nearly last. That’s a great image with really wonderful treatment.

    I’ll add my thanks here as well as on my own site, for your much appreciated dedication to the themes this year.


  16. Only one more to go now, Tammy!! Thanks for all your comments on my blog this past year. Congrats on completing the challenge – I love your work and am looking forward to the 2010 challenge! Best Wishes for the coming year!

  17. Wow, an awesome image!

  18. What a great image – I love butterfly shots, as you know, but your treatment on the background really makes this work. Great!

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