362. Exercise

Instead of talking his daily walk, this guy was out skiing – we never see people skiing down our public roads…the snow finally ended and we had a total snowfall of 15″, haven’t had that much snow at one time forever.


~ by Tammy on December 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “362. Exercise”

  1. I love to ski…but the day I have to ski down my street, please come shoot me. Ack!! Great find!

  2. Forever is a long time Tammy, are you THAT old? Love the shot, but glad I am here where we finally had some much needed rain. They interviewed an elderly farmer from Western New South Wales, who said “I have never seen rain on Christmas Day that lasted all Christmas Day!” His grin extended up about three inches above each ear. he was HHAAPPPPYY!

  3. I love this shot. It looks like he is having fun!

  4. Cool! We have people cross contry skiing and snowmobiling on our streets when we have a nor-easter (though the latter is illegal.)

  5. I like that you got him from behind and he looks knock-kneed! Hope you don’t get buried more.

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