360. Christmas Lights (MOT#33)

The white stuff is still coming down – day #3 – I am ready for it to STOP!  It should later on today, and thank goodness, I am beginning to get a bit of cabin fever!  Well, today I am still playing with that star filter and I also added a texture called sugar plum by Kimi.


~ by Tammy on December 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “360. Christmas Lights (MOT#33)”

  1. Terrific Bokeh here, and in your plea for help shoveling snow, I saw Lijola’s post and realized that there is no snow in America, so am still trying to figure out your real goal. Have a great new year, did you watch our cricket match??

  2. Love the shot, can you elaborate on this filter?

  3. That is gorgeous, Tammy. I have considered that filter, and I really do love your image. I may have to get it before next Christmas.

  4. This is really nice, Tammy! Another great job and deserves another chalk mark on the board.

  5. Great shot! Beautiful lighting!

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