358. Ice Storm (MOT#31)

Phase one of our storm began yesterday, ICE!  Very slippery, but so beautiful!


~ by Tammy on December 24, 2009.

8 Responses to “358. Ice Storm (MOT#31)”

  1. Gorgeous – but a big PITA!! Hope you are safe inside.

  2. Looks a tad nippy, bet you rushed back to your fire.

  3. Stunning photos! We got a bit of snow last week, but just rain today.

  4. While I am very sorry you’ve had an ice storm (I HATE ice storms!), you certainly have made the best of it. I especially like the top photo–those few red berries add a certain unexpected pop.

  5. Soo beautiful!! I love the first one! Hope you are safe…

  6. Excellent job of capturing the ice crystals, Tammy. Looks really cold up there.

  7. The top one is especially lovely, glad it wasn’t worse and it didn’t knock out power lines.

  8. Nice shots. I especially like the upper one as the ice has a glass like quality and is almost glowing.

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