353. Tie The Knot

~ by Tammy on December 18, 2009.

10 Responses to “353. Tie The Knot”

  1. Great image, this time of year though, tempers as well as ropes tend to become frayed (a little)

  2. Fabulous! The texture and the DOF are marvelous.

  3. Great perspective and great complimentary colors.

  4. I always like these DOF kind of photos! Love the blur in the background.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Great take on the theme! Great shot, love the different textures with the rope, wood and snow! Have a great day!


  6. Great find. I like the angle you shot at and the detail you captured.

  7. Great take on the theme–and boy, does that photo make me feel cold!

  8. Outstanding vertical shot. Do you find it difficult to shoot snow scenes? We don’t get much practice here. I went to Yosemite in December last year to find snow and there wasn’t any!

  9. Wow, great find for this theme. Hope you took lots, it’s a fabulous knot!

  10. Wonderful composing but now I’m cold

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