349. Controls

I had to find a theme for this one.  A keg does have controls, does it not?  Yesterday some friends and I went Christmas shopping in Lincoln, NE (well ok, it was more of a girl’s afternoon -we didn’t get tons of shopping done – just lots of giggling)!  Only in Lincoln do you walk by a bar and find a keg hanging outside the door, now they were thinking – you don’t even need to enter the bar to get your beer……….now if only they had a margarita machine beside it!

~ by Tammy on December 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “349. Controls”

  1. That is really odd with no lines leading off it, don’t worry about the Margarita machine, since you had that pipe installed from the Liquor outlet, you don’t have to even leave home, bit hard to shift your friends though. The image is real “Drink for Thought” though I agree.

  2. An unusual find. I think most kegs have some type of control (for the beer to flow?).

  3. Love the monotones.

  4. Are those butts in the ash tray behind the keg! Great catch and I like the coloring. Why not outdoor kegs… you can drive through the liquor store in Fremont!

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