339. Escaped (MOT#17)

I think this bird is on the wrong side of the fence in the desert dome at the zoo…..I guess he considers it the “right” side!  LOL


~ by Tammy on December 4, 2009.

11 Responses to “339. Escaped (MOT#17)”

  1. Oh..he escaped? Or is he a local? Looks like he is trying to get home again 😦 Beautiful shot!

  2. Wonderful shot selfish! Imagine not supporting Karen B with her Liquor outlet closed, I hope you are ashamed. Nice Bird though!

  3. :)It seems that he´s not afraid of being caught. With his strong colours he should fly away as fast as he can…
    Great capture!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Whatever side he is suppose to be on, he’s beautiful!! Great picture! Have a great day!!


  5. What a great capture, he’s beautiful.

  6. I see it snowing with you on the blog. That makes it with me also; http://artlover-mittlivibilder.blogspot.com/
    Wonderful colour. Great shot and capture.

  7. he’s gorgeous, looks like he is keeping an eye on you, he probably thinks you’re the wrong side of the fence LOL!

  8. Beautiful bright colors, he really looks good on black.

  9. What a beauty! You really did a great job capturing his eye especially.

  10. He looks a bit anxious! Brilliant colors…

  11. What a gorgeous bird! Love this. The Italian bottle is amazing – like the way you set up photo. And, as for skeletal, I really, really like that reflection – stunning!!!

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