335. Heirloom

This is a picture of my huband’s great grandmother that has been passed down through the family.  The picture was taken in 1914….I just love her boots!  The picture I received was huge, so I got it scanned and fixed some of the rips and tears and scaled it down to an 8 X 10 so that it would fit on my wall.  Now we can enjoy it daily! 🙂


~ by Tammy on November 30, 2009.

11 Responses to “335. Heirloom”

  1. Wonderful, I bet your glad this style of footwear is no longer in vogue!

  2. Tammy,
    This is awesome, I wonder if people at the turn of the century thought that their pictures would be viewable with such quality almost a 100 years later. Nice work.

  3. This is a great picture, Tammy. You know what, I can see that your boys favor her a lot.

  4. Excellent restoration–it looks like it was shot today. I love looking at pictures of people from ages ago, especially children. What were their dreams?

  5. You did an excellent job on this, Tammy!

  6. Lovely young lady – and wonderful restoration job!

  7. Is that sand on the floor? Interesting! My Step-daughters grandfather and his father were born on the Macy Indian Reservation – they are not Native American but it was in the early 1900s. I am doing our family trees so am finding all kinds of these photos. I will use one of the ones I restored for this theme too!

  8. Hi Tammy,
    Don’t you love old black and white pictures! They have a story to tell if you let your imagination wonder a bit. She’s a very pretty girl. Yea, I like her boots too. Have a great day!


  9. Oh so beutiful photo……

  10. You did do a great job on the photo. Is there a family resemblance?

  11. Another lovely portrait, great that you have these.

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