334. City Lights

I went out this evening trying to capture some Christmas lights.  This image is of the City of Papillion’s Courthouse and it’s Christmas lights.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took did not turn out….any hints on photographing Christmas lights?  I need help! 🙂

~ by Tammy on November 29, 2009.

12 Responses to “334. City Lights”

  1. Thease lights look just beautiful to me! I found a tip for Christmas lights here – it’s at the bottom of the page:

  2. They look good to me too. One thing that is fun is to purposely twirl your camera a bit to get streaks and light trails.

  3. That Blue light district is Great Tammy, Re flashing Christmas Lights – Never had much success, maybe a longer exposure time to enable all the lights to show.

  4. This is lovely…I want to go downtown and take some pics too…but the traffic puts me off LOL!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    This is a beautiful picture!! Can’t help you with your light problem. I have the same problem myself. Have a great day!


  6. One of my cameras has a SCN option that has all kinds of presets for fireworks and night scenes and that usually works. Need a tripod and use Manual Mode or AV and TV modes.

  7. This is great, Tammy. Good exposure. I love the colors.

  8. I think you did a great job! Really love the twilight feel!

  9. Maybe the lights didnt’ stand out, but it’s still a great architectural shot.

  10. I wonder if the building’s globes overshadowed (no pun intended) the smaller lights? Maybe a shot of some lights where they are all the same size would make a diff? Your Vegas shots were fabulous…so we know you can do it! 🙂

  11. I think you done well! Did you use a tripod? I think it’s very difficult to keep the camera still 🙂

  12. Bump up your ISO and use a wide aperture. I usually get the best results with my 50mm at f1.8 or f2, and 800 or 1600 ISO. Also, it helps to use a stabilized lens. Then you may not need such a short shutter speed.

    Hope that helps!

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