319. Regal

The Great Hallway leads to the State’s Unicameral in the Nebraska State Capitol Building.  The Hallway is very dark and gothic by nature, and to me, very regal.  The artwork and designs are stunning!  These are not my best pictures, since the hallway is very dark my pictures turned out very dark….I used the Topaz filters to try and save them…




~ by Tammy on November 15, 2009.

8 Responses to “319. Regal”

  1. Your filter work worked! Beautiful place. It looks like it could be in England.

  2. Consider them saved. These are terrific!

  3. What an impressive building..whatever you did worked..the shots are great!

  4. WOW! I love the arches, the tiles, the lights – you had a challenge with the light, but I think you did very well!

  5. Regal indeed! You did a great job with this shot in less than ideal lighting circumstances.

  6. Love the effect on the top photo Tammy, these scream out for HDR, that richness is so good.

  7. Stunning! Like walking back in time seeing this…

  8. Wow–this loks like a palace! the processing does deepen the tones, making it seem more ponderous and imposing.

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