312. Footwear

I found tons of footwear in the Sock Store – a pair of socks for every occasion…




~ by Tammy on November 8, 2009.

12 Responses to “312. Footwear”

  1. I don’t see a pair for the Huskers! Love your take on the theme!

  2. And where are the ones for UT? Great find!

  3. Those are a lot of socks to choose from! I hope Ryan’s brother is feeling better after his surgery. That must have been an awful soccer injury! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog Tammy! 🙂

  4. Don’t you just love socks? You can find just about ANYTHING on a sock…

  5. Fun shot! I always wonder what the people that make those think.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Very colorful array of socks! I like the ones with the dog on them. Cute! Have a great day!


  7. It is quite cold here so I could do with an extra pair.

  8. Betcha had to buy a bunch of really BIG socks for those boys of yours. It’s such a shock that those fat baby feet can get so big and hairy in so short a time!

  9. Very neat way to use the theme, Tammy!!

  10. Where are the Husker socks?

  11. A store dedicated solely to socks (no pun intended LOL)???? My husband would call this heaven…he has a little sock issue *snicker*

  12. better go back and get some Christmas sock shots for me! lol

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