311. For Sale

With the weather being so beautiful, we went out and bought ice cream cones today!  Anyone in the mood for a waffle cone?


~ by Tammy on November 7, 2009.

13 Responses to “311. For Sale”

  1. So you got all the beautiful waether. Here it’s windy and grey, no weather for ab ice cream.

  2. A little blah here, today, but hot, so a cone sounds good!

  3. Love it when you try to make out that the weather is good, if it was the cones would have been full of lovely Old English Toffee and Deep Rich MudCake Ice Cream like I get when I have Ice Cream, but you have to eat it quickly in Australia, cause it melts!

  4. Great composition. Wonderful image.

  5. Yes please!
    Filled with some favourite Ice-cream such as cappuchino, Lemon-licorice or something else

  6. Hi Tammy,
    I love waffle cones. Love drumsticks. We usually buy a box every week at the store. Needless to say they don’t last long. Have a great day!


  7. Ohhhh me please! I love ice cream!

  8. Sweet shot! I’m a bit chilled so I ‘ll just munch on those warmly tones cones.

  9. Yes please! But it isn´t really wheather for icecream in Sweden now…it´s cold and foggy.

  10. CRUNCH!

  11. Nice arrangement and all you need is the B&J

  12. Great shot…I love the texture and details

  13. Nice close up – I like the patterns and textures.

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