310. Lost (but not yet found)

My in laws have lost the water in their lake….hopefully it is found soon!   Apparently there are some suspicions that the “dam” dam is damaged, so they are draining the lake to take a look at it.  Hopefully it is a false alarm and they can refill the lake soon, but if there is damage, there is no knowing how long this lake will be without water (which is sad for all the wildlife who lives here, including my in laws LOL).




~ by Tammy on November 5, 2009.

13 Responses to “310. Lost (but not yet found)”

  1. That’s a sad story and hope they will gert the water back soon
    However it was a fun photo, reminds me of the tide on the island of Jersey wher you can walk to some islands when the tide is low. so, for me, it’s not that strange photo
    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Neat photo opportu;nity though! It makes for a very interesting picture and one I would really wonder about if you hadn’t explained!

  3. They can have some of the rainwater we’ve collected here in October.

    Sad photo…

  4. That’s really very eerie, especially with the bench looking out over an empty lakebed.

  5. That is almost on a par with areal disaster in Australia, try and imagine a “Pub With NO BEER” no that’s a disaster.

  6. That photo looks so forlorn… I hope the water returns soon!

  7. The bright blue sky keeps it from being too eerie and sad. Hope it gets resolved soon.

  8. Hi Tammy,
    WOW, losing a whole lake. That must be really bad on all the folks and animals that live around the lake. Hopefully it won’t be so bad once they check it out. Have a great day!


  9. Strange! How can a lake loose its water?

  10. There’s a lake near San Antonio like that. I wasn’t able to take a photo, but it’s been empty so long cattle are grazing in it. The composition is good – like the fact it’s pretty monochromatic except for the blue in sky.

  11. That looks like Georgia just a year ago. What a differnce a year makes! Now we are floating away.

  12. Scary…hope the water comes back soon!

  13. definitely something missing here…just not the same on the dock without it!

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