308. Diseased (MOT#8)

These pretty red pines may look like fall foilage, but actually they have been attacked by the mountain pine beetle and are slowly dying.  For more information on these diseased pine trees in the Rockies click HERE.

MOT-DiseasedOn a side note, I may be in and out the next few days, Corey is having surgery tomorrow to get the rods out of his leg.  We are not anticipating this to be a big deal, but no sports for Corey again for another 6-8 weeks.  Hopefully this will be the end of his broken leg saga.  LOL


~ by Tammy on November 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “308. Diseased (MOT#8)”

  1. I saw this when I was out there. It really looked like autumn in the middle of July. Hope that Corey does well with his surgery. I know that all of this is difficult on a teen-aged boy.

  2. Good luck, Corey! I had similar surgery, only in my elbow. One to put the pins/rods in, one to take them out. Heal fast!!

    These beetle-eaten trees are SO sad, aren’t they??

  3. I hope the healing goes quickly too. These dying trees are so sad and scary too for the fire risk they become. Beautiful reflection in this sobering shot.

  4. We are experiencing massive die-back in our gum trees and it is a dreadful thing at least you have a beetle that you can fight against, they don’t know what our hassle is but I believe it is a shortage of bushfire which sadly although no good for people, makes the bush stronger – Here in Australia anyway!

  5. I love the reflection in the water. Nice shot.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Very sad about the trees. We have some pine trees around here that are dying, don’t know it it’s the beetles or not. Hope Corey is feeling better and up and about soon. Have a great day!


  7. Quite sad with the trees, but it makes a beautiful color in the photo.

  8. Oaks have been hit hard in much of Texas due to a beetle followed by drought. It’s sad to see, but what a reflection you have….beautiful. Best to the kiddo!

  9. To bad about the trees but there is beauty in them anyway. Love the reflections in the h2o.

  10. My prayers are with your family as Corey goes through what is hopefully the last leg of this journey :o) Such a sad story about the trees dying to go with such a beautiful picture,

  11. So sad about those trees – even if it does make a beautiful photo with reflections on the water.

  12. It is soul destroying when we drive into the interior of BC…almost makes me cry.

  13. Happening in BC too…very sad to see it spread.

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