304. Ghost, Ghoals, Goblins

Even the big “kids” like to play dress up too!  Happy Halloween to all of you in virtual land! 🙂



~ by Tammy on October 31, 2009.

10 Responses to “304. Ghost, Ghoals, Goblins”

  1. Love Halloween…but the guy FROM the moview Halloween (middle mask) always creeps me out! Thanks for the spooky shot!

  2. Great shot! Have not seen much of Halloween here though, only the neighbours who put a carved pumpkin out on their veranda.

  3. Happy Halloween to you too!

  4. And to you from Us What Don’t Have it.

  5. Why not? Even I dressed up to take my grandson trick or treating. I like the spooky tones of this shot.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot for the theme. Those are rather ghoulish goblins. Love the one of your costume. You all look wonderful and having a great time. Have a great day!!


  7. I love those masks, hope you had a fun Halloween

  8. This is too funny. That Scream mask always makes me nervous.

  9. The stark white of the masks is a great contrast against that dark background and costumes.

  10. Agree re: contrast. I bet they had fun!

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