301. Rusted

An old wagon wheel I found at the cabins we stayed at….



~ by Tammy on October 27, 2009.

14 Responses to “301. Rusted”

  1. Just goes to prove Rust like WoW Systers Never Sleep, they both are akways at it! Terrific image.

  2. This is terrific indeed. I love the lines of the siding balancing with the spokes and your toning is so warmly rusty. Is it the color of rust do you think that makes it so appealing?

  3. Haha …. almost the same =) I like your picture very much. So warm tone and rust are so beautiful ….

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot for the theme. I like rusted things better, they have more character. Have a great day!


  5. Nice find! Rich looking colors!

  6. Great composition and tone!

  7. Excellent composition, and the use of that subtle brown monotone.

  8. Love the simplicity and processing in this image…but I hope you didn’t have to count on this to get back home?? 😀

  9. Perfect processing for the shot!

  10. Wonderful! I love old rusty things. Nice processing.

  11. Beautiful colors and composition.

  12. I’m not entirely sure why but I like this shot. I guess it is the lines and the composition. Nice.

  13. ohhh…we brought two cast iron roosters back from Ireland…they are white and rusty…would be perfect with this wheel. Love it!
    Don’t even ask about the weight issues!!!! LOL

  14. Rust always gets me! I like your composition on this shot.

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