300. Profile (MOT#7)

A break in my vacation images, went to the zoo today and got a good profile shot of this bobcat!  Love how alert he is!



~ by Tammy on October 26, 2009.

14 Responses to “300. Profile (MOT#7)”

  1. Fantastic shot, love the profile against that background!

  2. Gorgeous pose indeed, well done.

  3. This is fabulous, Tammy. Great detail in his fur. Great background, also.

  4. There’s an aloof elegance in this profile that reminds me of some of the ancient Egyptian sculptures of cats.

  5. I agree – this is amazing detail!! You’re still my favorite animal photographer!!

  6. Hi Tammy,
    He’s very handsome!! He looks like he could be a very gentle house kitty. Have a great day!!


  7. Excellent!!!! Love the profile!!

  8. Wonderful processing, Tammy!

  9. What they said! Well done Tammy.

  10. Absolutely stunning.

  11. This is a beautiful shot. Amazing capture. Just stunning.

  12. Nice shot.

    I was hiking in the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite when a ground squirrel shot up a small branch to look around, maybe 30 feet from me. Of course I had a wide angle lens on to shoot the sequoias. So I tried to quick change to a zoom lens. Well I’ve got a lens in each hand when he runs down the branch and into a hole. Drats! Just then I notice the bobcat walking down the hill. It crosses the trail, pauses to look at me, and saunters on its way. Once I stop gawking I quick mount the zoom lens and run up after it, but it has blended into the forest. Gone.

  13. Beautiful shot Tammy…your zoo pictures are stunning

  14. The lighting and the way he stands out from his background really work well! Nice one!

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