297. One Dozen

Leave it to us to go to the Rocky Mountains during elk mating season….Every where we looked there were elk and more elk.  It was interesting to learn how the males get their herom of over a dozen or so females (my husband would love that)!  LOL   I have never heard the bugling of elk so that was quite fascinating….for more info on the mating habit of elk click HERE.



~ by Tammy on October 23, 2009.

8 Responses to “297. One Dozen”

  1. I counted the ears then divided by two and came out with thirteen, or are they Baker’s Elk, and that didn’t include the two hiding in the trees.

  2. Isn’t it awesome to see so many! The male has a great rack!!

  3. Great nature shot! It’s intriguing how the elk blend in with the colors on the plain, and how it all stands out against the forest.

  4. Wow- I have never seen elk in the wild- how cool that you guys got to experience that- although I am sure by the time you left you were ready to bid the elk farewell. Great shot that you were able to get a whole group of them.

  5. Wonderful picture. I would love to hear elk bugling.

  6. I’ve seen elk (in Colorado), but never heard them bugle. They are so large, I can just imagine the sound.

  7. The colors in this shot are really nice – I love the subdued look.

  8. Great shot, and great timing of your trip. I think the sounds they make are bizarre.

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