296. Polka Dots

A ladybug on a clam shell….



~ by Tammy on October 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “296. Polka Dots”

  1. Great shot, scant little for her to eat though, wonder why she is there? or is it someone you took a dislike to?????

  2. Tammy did you use photo shop to colorize or is this as taken? I love the contrasts!

  3. Was that one of the good lady bugs or one of the evil biting ones? They’re interbreeding I fear so they’re all starting to look alike to me.

  4. Nice selective coloring Tammy!

  5. Love this pop of red against the greys of the shell. Ladybugs are great!

  6. As my son and his friends would say: SUH-WEET! Terrific use of selective coloring.

  7. I love that image Tammy!! Very nicely captured and presented.

  8. Perfect, Tammy!! One of my favorite shots!

  9. I thought perhaps that ladybug was navigating your recent snow. The color (and lack of) really make this shot.

  10. Outstanding selectiive color. Packs SUCH a punch!

  11. Great photo!!! I love ladybugs

  12. oooh I really like this one! nice work!

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