287. Chores

With all the beauty of Autumn’s leaves comes the chore of raking them up!  Any volunteers??


~ by Tammy on October 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “287. Chores”

  1. If you leave them where they are, the snow to come will help them decompose and replenish the ground in the spring, saves a fortune in worn out old rakes and rakers.

  2. You’ve got two teen aged sons. lol Lots of muscle and energy there. Put them to work.

  3. We have to do that soon too. It’s amazing how leaves are so good at hiding puppy poop leading to certain people stepping in it.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    UHHHHHH, I’ll pass on this chore. The wind usually blows ours away and whats left my hubby chops up with the mower. Have a great day!


  5. Not me….now where did those 2 boys of yours go????

  6. Grown out of doing that chore, I let the wind take care of that.

  7. 🙂 I think I’ll stick with doing my own, our leaves have not fallen yet…..nice image though.

  8. Didn’t you decide to dump a pile of snow on them instead of raking?? 😉

  9. I like your point of view and focus.

  10. Lovely focus and color, I’d just wait for them to break down

  11. A really simple shot, but very apealling. I love the depth of field – it lends to the impression that your leaves go on and on and on…….

  12. good grief no! lol easiest way to put one’s back out I think! I’m all about the quiet, but a leaf blower does have it’s advantages. lol

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