286. Autumn

I figured I better post this one before we get more snow!  LOL   This is after our little snowstorm once the snow melted, loved how the light hit these trees just right!



~ by Tammy on October 12, 2009.

12 Responses to “286. Autumn”

  1. Beautiful capture, Tammy! And thank you for waiting until all of the snow had melted before taking the shot! I can’t bear to see snow just yet! 😉

  2. What no blizzard shots? all this fuss over a few rusted leaves.

  3. Absolutely one of the most beautiful autumn images I’ve seen in a long time. Brilliant.

  4. Lovely tree. I’ve got my fingers crossed for no more snow but it doesn’t look good.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I have been waiting for mother nature to be kind. It has been raining, cold and cloudy for the last week and a half. The sun pops out for about 10 seconds and gone again. Great picture, love all the colors! Have a great day!


  6. too early for snow IMHO…it should be during winter only! lol Fantastic Fall shot…love it when the leaves change colour, and this one has such a pretty background for it too!

  7. Those trees are glowing, an iconic shot of autumn. Glad the snow didn’t knock off all the leaves.

  8. Wonderful setting with the pond and the fountain and the trees framing the photo. Lovely fall colors. Nice light, good textures. Great shot.

  9. This is better! A wonderful view without the snow. I love the colours!

  10. Perfect fall photo. Really lovely setting, too.

  11. Oh so pretty!!

  12. I love the way you captured the light – such a nice warm glow on those leaves! Framing the fountain is a nice touch as well.

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