285. Frozen Treat

Although our snow did not last long, the kids had time to play and make snowmen……..the snowmen were definitely a frozen treat for this time of the year…



~ by Tammy on October 11, 2009.

13 Responses to “285. Frozen Treat”

  1. It looks just like their Mummy Too!

  2. Goodness, that much snow already! We have had loads of rain and very windy but thankfully no snow yet.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    We haven’t had any snow just rain so far. But it sure looks like it could snow any time. The snowman is cute!! Have a great day!



    (But a terrific shot of this cute little guy…)

  5. Great bokeh with the soy in the background and the contrast with the snowman.

  6. It really is way too early to be having snow. For the past 3 day I have had snow flurries on and off. Nothing is sticking to the ground unless you are in the high country. And below zero temp. I am not ready for this cold stuff, still have way to much outside work to do.

  7. So cute! It does seem too early for this, but I don’t blame the kids for buiding one at the first opportunity. Also, thank you for making time to comment on my photos almost everyday!!

  8. This picture makes me laugh–it certainly illustrates the freakish nature of your snowstorm.

  9. Green grass and snow??? Yikes!

  10. we’ve been having non-stop sunshine…finally supposed to change to rain this week…can’t even imagine snow yet! Fun way to round it up and get it off the lawn! : )

  11. I love your focus on this guy. The snow seems less bleak on the bright green grass and the warm tones in the background.

  12. 😀 It looks like spring with the green grass and the melting snow

  13. A wonderful happy fella! The colors are super – it would make a fun Christmas card!

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