283. It’s Saturday Morning

Yes (and I repeat YES) it is Saturday morning, October 10, 2009,  and we are experiencing our first snowfall of the year!  Can you believe it, that is even early for my neck of the woods……I think Ron jinxed me by posting his “summer” pics……..whether he knows it or not, I think he does have powers and is a secret member of the WOW Systerhood…….thanks a lot Ron!






~ by Tammy on October 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “283. It’s Saturday Morning”

  1. NO NO NOOOOOO! Say it isn’t so!

  2. OH NO!!!! Poor you!
    It´s very cold in Sweden too, but still no snow.

  3. Amazing, Tammy!! Going sledding for your extended birthday celebration?

  4. I guess that will be in NJ by Mon. or Tues.

  5. We got our first cold front, too. It almost got to 67 F for a few hours! Well, I am a lot farther south. The photo of the roses is really neat.

  6. That is so rude! I love the poor roses and marigolds in that nasty stuff.

  7. I’m with Ellen on this one, t’is rude to arrive this early!

  8. Stunning roses with the snow. Great snow photos. This really did hit hard, didn’t it?

  9. Brrrrr…. but at least it gave you an interesting Saturday Morning shot!

  10. I am so jealous.

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