273. Nostalgia

Old & small towns like this one in Winterset, IA  always takes me back to a much slower paced time….sometimes, wouldn’t that be nice?



~ by Tammy on September 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “273. Nostalgia”

  1. Looks abaolutely lovely! And a very nice shot too.

  2. If you come to Queensland during Day-light Saving Time, (We don’t have it) the rest of Australia will advise you that you are about to step back in time 20 years + 1 Hour. Life is like that in Paradise.

  3. I would love a leisurly lunch at the cafe – care to join me?

  4. I’d like lunch too, this is so nice. It looks to be thriving, I hope so.

  5. Well, have family in small towns like this….everyone really knows what everyone else is doing….but, this is a wonderful photo. The brick walk just invites you to cross over.

  6. Anywhere we’re been, from here in New England to out west, there are these towns that time seems to have left behind.

  7. cool perspective and interesting architecture

  8. Looks like a neat place to visit. I love all of the different lines and shapes.

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