270. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rainy day today, but once the clouds cleared out the trees began to glow – turned out to be a beautiful day! 🙂  This was taken from my driveway,  look how the trees are beginning to change!



~ by Tammy on September 26, 2009.

11 Responses to “270. Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

  1. Wonderful foreground enhanced by a threatening backdrop.

  2. Fantastic colours Tammy! So dramatic photo!

  3. You’ve really captured the mood of the day, nice shot.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    That’s a wicked looking sky there, but sun seems to be saying it’s all over! Great shot! Have a great day!


  5. Your trees are ahead of ours. That burst of sun hitting them really makes them glow.

  6. The trees are glowing in that light- such a dramatic sky!

  7. Great processing. It really brings out the fall colors. The sky has fall written all over it!!

  8. This is such a gorgeous picture. I love the glowing foreground and the onimous sky.

  9. This is SO COOL!!!

  10. Great shot of all of the trees in Nebraska 🙂 and the fall colors. Love the processing too.

  11. What a powerful image! There is nothing so breathtaking as sunlight on trees against a stormy sky, and you’ve captured it amazingly.

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