269. Passion

I have a passion for taking pictures of beautiful flowers!  These were all taken this week at Lauritzen Gardens, love all the color we have, even in the Fall!  🙂

You guys are all great at movie titles………the answer to yesterday’s movies are “Charlotte’s Web” & “Aranaphobia”!



~ by Tammy on September 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “269. Passion”

  1. Nice collage, seems it’s mostly pink passion 🙂

  2. Every one lovely!

  3. Love the frame, bet you soon to be “Emancipated” boys didn’t help you with that, not a creepy or a crawly to be seen. Don’t forget to mention “Emancipation” to them!

  4. A very nice compilation of blooms – I like how they all tie together so well – it gives a nice balance.

  5. Fabulous flowers all (and the beauty berries) I like your frame a lot too

  6. Beautiful flower shots and frame!!

  7. Wonderful collage – love this!

  8. Beautiful flowers and fits the theme for you great. Where did the frame come from – I like it.

  9. Gorgeous composite!

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