268. A Movie Title

Actually this could be two movie titles, one a children’s classic and, two, a creepy horror movie.  See if you can guess (the first is easy)….movietitleYou guys are all good, Charlotte’s Web & Arnaphobia…..


~ by Tammy on September 25, 2009.

12 Responses to “268. A Movie Title”

  1. Charlotte’s Web? Along Came a Spider? Your spider is different than the spider we have! Great pic of the web.

  2. Charlotte’s Web Killing Spree, right?

  3. Does your Husband know about your fascination with Spiders HA HA HA. Get to work on that web in Photoshop if you want me to think it’s Charlotte’s Web, I thought it was Spiderman ask the boys.

  4. Charlote’s Web? Arachnids? That is disgustingly creepy. Nice photo.

  5. Wonderful shot of the spider and web. Thought of Charlotte’s Web and Arachniphobia.

  6. Creepy – but a good capture! Just keep it away from me.

  7. Good photo and a creepy closeup!!

  8. That’s almost too close for comfort. Great details.

  9. Think I made a comment on another photo…or maybe a totally other site :-O to early for me perhaps…
    Anyway, great spider shot!

  10. Arachnophobia! Good shot of the creepy subject!

  11. Great light on this spider, wonderful detail. I’m late for the movies…

  12. Sorry, but as a dedicated aranchnophobe, I just couldn’t look at this one!

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