266. Stairs

These pictures are of the Japanese Gardens at Lauritzen Gardens.   Here visitors may walk on a path, through a kabuki gate which signals “public space,” through the Sunpu castle gate to a red torii gate at the base of the scaled replica of Mt. Fuji. On Mt. Fuji are ten volcanic stones representing the ten stations of Mt. Fuji that climbers in Japan pass on their way to the shrine at the peak. A granite shrine and red torii gate from Shizuoka sit atop the Lauritzen Gardens miniature Mt. Fuji.  For more information on the Japanese Gardens click HERE.




~ by Tammy on September 23, 2009.

10 Responses to “266. Stairs”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    It’s a beautiful site! I would have to just look and not climb. Bad knees. Have a great day!

  2. Very nice pictures. I haven’t been around there since I was a kid! Lucky you 😛

  3. What a beautiful site! I am such a fan of everything Japanese. It’s a long trip to go there, and I’ve not yet gotten around to it. It is a dream trip, however. It must be nice to have such a lovely peace of it in your own country.

    I also wanted to share at tip, regarding the “stars” that you commented on my blog: if you set the aperture to above f16, you’ll get a star kind of flare effect like this whitout using a filter. I just found out recently myself.

  4. Are you leading us up the garden Path Tammy? The Path stops half way up! (Run outta Pavers Eh?) and that ain’t Mt Fuji, everyone knows there is ALWAYS snow on Mt Fuji. Top series though.

  5. Gorgeous shots of the Garden. I love the splash of red in each photograph.

  6. I love these pictures, especially the top one. To me, Japanese gardens represent serenity. When I was in medical school in Brooklyn–a grey, grim, dirty and gloomy place in those days–I’d go from time to time to the Japanese gardens at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, and it was like taking a spiritual bath.

  7. What beautiful shots of a very cool homage to Mt Fuji

  8. VERY nice framing on both of these. The red, of course, is a fabulous contrast to all of the other natural color-tones of the scene. Great job on these.

  9. Beautiful sites! The red gates are really nice in the green sourroundings. Great capture Tammy!

  10. Starkly beautiful! What a great aesthetic quality these steps have..

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