263. Grumpy

For some reason cleaning makes me incredibly grumpy!!  I hate finding my sons piled up dirty socks under my couch cushions………not one, not two, but nine………where the match to number nine went I will never know!  Little do my boys know, but they will soon be coming home from school to the INCREDBILE HULK…..



~ by Tammy on September 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “263. Grumpy”

  1. Serves you right for giving birth to centipedes with uneven numbers of legs, and how will they know the difference, from the Mum they grew up to Love and stay Clear of when she is in THAT kind of a mood, Lucky they weren’t hiding scorpions or the like in those socks, when you shoved your mitts in to turn them inside out – Ah Domestic Bliss!

  2. Nice shot but I doubt that YOU could ever change into that scary creature, but then maybe we should ask Scott! Love the lighting on this and that fabulous shadow. You two don’t get your nails done at the same place, do you? lol

  3. So cute! I love that shadow.

  4. They are the same everywhere, the children…
    But I cant imagine you as the hulk…even if you try:D

  5. Perfect!!!

  6. ha! nine socks!??!! Look out boys!

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