260. Abstract

This one was fun!  This is a picture I took from the airplane, with a little help from topaz simplify (buzz sim) and hue and saturation adjustments this is what I ended up with….

(on a side note, several of you asked what this is, I took this while flying over the state of Nebraska (where I live) which is made up mostly of corn fields.  The circles you see is the irrigation systems – they all run in a circle around a center point.  I have never noticed this from the sky and thought it was cool)

Abstract1Here is the original pic – very blah…


~ by Tammy on September 16, 2009.

17 Responses to “260. Abstract”

  1. I love both of these…I guess I like aerial views..LOL.wonder why that is????? LOL..

  2. Love it! Before I read your explanation I thought it was some sort of flooring — glass block maybe. Anyway your adjustments look terrific!

  3. Strange pattern, wonder what it is..
    However the adjustment was great!

  4. I like the original 😉 but I like blue best. Do you know what state you were flying over. Looks like test fields or something.

  5. I guess I don’t see the “blah” in the first shot, because it’s so unusual … but I do find the processed shot very intriguing!

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Love both shots! But where the heck is this? I’ve never seen fields like this. Have a great day!


  7. wow, that’s so cool…what a difference you made; however, I like ’em both!

  8. Neat shot and fabulous processing! Love all the repeating circles.

  9. What a way to transform an image! It’s really cool to see the before & after comparison.

  10. I love the picture, but thank you so much for clearing up that mystery for me. I could never figure out the perfect circles. This summer, when I was flying to Colorado, this little boy sitting next to me got very upset over the circles. He wanted an answer to what they were.

  11. A different type of crop circle! I’ve seen those before, but never so many all grouped together. What a great abstract they make!

  12. Guess I’m pretty dense, Tammy, because I’ve been trying to find your blog for some while now. Esther finally had to send me your address!! How’s that for dense?? Anyway, here I am. Thanks for being consistent in stopping by my blog and leaving encouraging notes. Your comments are always welcome.

    The odd thing is, I remember being here at your site because I remember your banner. I thought I had saved everyone’s page addresses, but apparently I hadn’t. Either that, or the computer gremlins ate it up.

    I kid you not! There are gremlins at work in my computer! Working on an older photo for Steve’s oldies, I went to check the date that it was taken. Now, I knew, in general when, but wanted to be specific. It was taken July last year when DH and I went to meet my friends who were down from the NW visiting relatives in Missouri. But when I got to that particular folder, it stated that series of photos were taken in 2003. I was still a new widow yet living in WA State in 2003!! So how could the photos taken in 2008 be dated for 2003? Checked my camera and the date is correct. I checked the folder, and the date was still 2003!!! And I ask myself: How can that be???

    Regards this photo. I prefer the original photo. Brown does not look right in this shot, IMHO. Sorry.

    Did I tell you? My late DH was from Grand Island.

  13. Wonderful abstract, I love your processing. I’ve never seen so many of the irrigated circles together like that- very cool.

  14. I´ve never seen something like this before. Nice pattern! You can see wonderful things from an airplane window.

  15. Really like your processing on this – brought out so much more detail. Shots from a plane are often a challenge due to the windows but looks like Topaz really boosted the image. Nice,

  16. What fun! I recognized the round fields (they boggled my eastern mind the first time I saw them). What you’ve done with them looks like lots of the abstract paintings I’ve seen in museums.

  17. any news coming ?

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