259. Box

For some reason this theme was hard for me.  I thought and thought what am I going to do for this (while the whole time my “box” was sitting right in front of me – literally).  This blue “box” is my lock box.  As many of you know, I sell real estate, and this lock box is what I use to put on a seller’s door to hold the key to get into the home.  My handy dandy cell phone comes equipped w/ an infra red light that when I enter my code it drops a key from the bottom of the box.  What is ultra cool about this box is that it holds a record of who used the box so we have a complete list of who entered the house which is great for security reasons.  I pulled out my light box (notice, another box) to set up the picture….



~ by Tammy on September 16, 2009.

16 Responses to “259. Box”

  1. It was kinda fun to watch our Realtor mess with those every time we’d visit a house. There were a few that were in no mood to drop their key some days.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    That’s a great box! I’ve never seen one of those before. Have a great day!


  3. That I call a box!

  4. Interesting and smart, never heard of anything like that before
    Very nice compositon and shadows!

  5. Wonderful sales pitch, I’ll take two thanks Maam!

  6. Regarding those two houses you put on hold for me – The Cheque id in the mail! I thought I was buying two of the Boxes, I suppose they are too dear for me. (That is the correct spelling for Cheque where we drive on the correct side of the road)

  7. Beautifully photographed and what a great idea for the theme.

  8. Nice shot and isn’t it amazing what a little technology can do?

  9. A fascinating moern still life!

  10. Creative solution Tammy … but is that a gold-plated Blackberry?????????

  11. hope I discover something right in front of me soon…still so far behind! lol great shot, and the prettiest environment that I’ve ever seen a lock box in!

  12. Very unique take on this theme! Love the pink background and tulips.
    The lighting is fabulous! Wonderful capture!

  13. Nice photo to illustrate the box theme- for some reason I really like this with the hot pink background. Very eye-catching.

  14. I like the way you softened the technology by setting it up on a pink background with the tulips.

  15. Nice photo from your lightbox!
    I´ve never seen a box like that before…smart!

  16. Thanks for the reminder that I need to remove my lock box from the house we closed on yesterday. Yes, we actually SOLD a house here in Florida!

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