258. Sentimental

This is my Grandma’s old powder box.  She had it sitting on her dresser every since I can remember.  When I was a little girl I used to love to sneak into her bedroom and put the powder all over my face (and her and grandpa’s bed).  She always knew what I was up to and she would yell “Are you into my power again”??    I wasn’t ever very good at being sneaky!  After my Grandma’s passing last Spring,  my mom took the box and gave it to me.  I love opening it and smelling that old familar smell and having all those good memories rush in…having her scent close by is a great comfort to me!!



~ by Tammy on September 15, 2009.

16 Responses to “258. Sentimental”

  1. Must be a GIRL thing but it is quite pretty and you are the sentimental type – Just like ME!

  2. I am also the sentimental type…I´m so touched by your story…

  3. Sweet story and lovely box!

  4. Oh..I am welling up…I have nothing from my grandmother 😦 I do remember the feel of her skin when I kissed her cheek.

  5. great story, I remember things like that about my grandmother too!

  6. Lovely memories…

  7. How wonderful to have such lovely memories and a tangible remembrance to go with them. Beautiful photo…love the processing!

  8. What neat memories. Thanks for sharing with us through your photo.

  9. What a pretty little box and a lovely photograph. Nice to have such memories of a loved one.

  10. Very nice treatment of a real treasure!

  11. I love your processing of this – emphasizes the box’s age!!

  12. what a wonderful memory and beautiful box! (hey, it’s another box that has been right in front of you!)

  13. What a wonderful memory. I let my granddaughter play in my jewelry drawer because I remember how much fun it was to play in my Grandmother’s jewelry box.

  14. Sentimental all right – what a special memory!

  15. Lovely shot and story, nice how certain smells can take you back…

  16. Scent is so evocative–it called back memory more potently than any other scent.

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