257. Photograph

While walking in the state park last weekend, I came across this beauty, loved how the sunlight hit it just right – it was just glowing!

PhotographJessica suggested that I flip the picture horizontally so that the eyes are led from left to right – amazing what a small change does to change the composition – I like it much better!  Thanks for the suggestion Jessica!  🙂



~ by Tammy on September 14, 2009.

16 Responses to “257. Photograph”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    It’s absolutely beautiful!! Have a great day!


  2. Shot, after shot … you nail it my friend! I LOVE the soft vignetting!!

  3. This is so beautiful. It does look like it is glowing. Perfect.

  4. you’ve captured it brilliantly! once again, another super shot!

  5. Bravo on the Bokeh Babe!

  6. Exquisite Tammy!

  7. Stunning Tammy! Another beautiful shot.

  8. As usual, a glorious photo!

  9. Just lovely–the lighting, the composition, everything!

  10. So simple and beautiful! Wonderful photo!

  11. It is just glowing- awesome lighting. I love how this stands so sharp against the faded background.

  12. I agree with everyone here, the lighting is superb. I am wondering though, about a horizontal flip. What would it look like if the flower were the payoff as your eye goes through the frame from left to right, instead of the introduction?

    I don’t know if it would be better, just a thought I had.

  13. Jessica’s idea was interesting. Glad I got to see both versions and it’s a great photo either way.

  14. Love the glow too. The theory on page design is to not make items look like they are marching off the page so I tend to flip things depending on which page they are on. But most of us read left-t0-right so I think that that is why our eyes tend to go that way.

  15. I like both, but I think I agree with Jessica that the flip is the right way to go. In any event, it’s a superb shot – are you sure you didn’t pick the perfect flower out and place it there for the shot???

  16. Wonderful shot and it does lead your eye differently flipped. Either way the glow is just a knockout!

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