256. Monotone

I need to get out there and take more pictures, I am running out!  This is one from my Grand Canyon trip….



~ by Tammy on September 13, 2009.

16 Responses to “256. Monotone”

  1. Love the processing and all the texture and details here. I almost missed that little house, it blends in so well with the cliffs.
    Great shot!

  2. Perfect in those black and white tones.

  3. Well keeping digging in your stash – this one’s a gem!

  4. The texture really pops out of the black and white Tammy. Nice image!! Keep shootin!!


  5. Cool shot. I like the black and white treatment.

  6. Very nice toning and that house perched on the ridge really makes for an awesome perspective. It’s fun to see what people left in their stash! Keep them coming.

  7. Wow! Perfect for the theme in B&W. Is it really possible to build a house there?

  8. A touch of Ansel Adams! Nice treatment and – man- what a view from that house! BTW, I am in the same situation – just about out of photos, too.

  9. Awesome Landscape that you have chosen.

  10. Never get tired of these shots!

  11. Really, really cool. The intense contrast really brings out all the details and textures. A very interesting shot.

  12. Wow, look at that house!
    Great picture!

  13. This is gorgeous. I love the black and white. I would love to visit in that house!

  14. what a unique spot to build…bet they have an awesome view!

  15. In your spare moments, right? B&W is especialy effective with the textures and shading of the cliff.

  16. Such nice processing – I’m glad you’re searching the archives so we didn’t miss this gem.

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