253. Summer

I guess Labor Day officially marks the end of Summer.  We went out to Mahoney State Park and went hiking and paddle boating!  I think this shows one of the last flings of summer….



~ by Tammy on September 10, 2009.

15 Responses to “253. Summer”

  1. We’ve gotten into a bad habit here, as soon as Labor day hits the weather just crashes into fall before we have time to pack up the swim wear.

    It feels like ad execs can finally control the weather.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot! Looks like lots of fun! I don’t really look forward to fall. Only because I know what’s coming. Have a great day!


  3. Looks like a perfect late-summer day…deep green trees, blue sky and blue water. Can’t believe summer’s almost over already!

  4. seemes to be a nice trip to do.
    Hope the water wasn’t so cold…

  5. Now back into the winery tours now the boys are back at school right, I was expecting a horde of people to be out doing what you are on the last OFFICIAL day, maybe you should come and sell houses in paradise for the winter.

  6. What a lovely scene! This will come in handy in a few months when its frrrreeeeeezzzzing outside!

  7. Those paddle boats look like loads of fun!!!

  8. Only wish I was there. We’ve had the windiest winter for years and I am longing to sit by a lake and feel the sun on my head. Your image makes it seem that much closer.

  9. Nice!! Summer finally ended here in Sicily, or atleast we got a break from the heat! The temperature dropped a bit and we had 2 days of rain. That was very welcome!

  10. So pretty and serene. Very nice.

  11. Looks like a beautiful spot! Can’t believe Summer is just about gone…

  12. I don’t know about you, but here on the East Coast, we didn’t have much of a summer. It makes the last few days we can do somethign like paddleboating all the more precious. Your photos shows what late summer is all about.

  13. What a lovely scene! I´m still on vacation in Portugal but soon we will return to the autumn in Sweden…brrrr! We will probably have to freeze because we are accustomed to the heat in Brazil and Portugal.

  14. Great way to spend the day.

  15. wonderful way to wrap up summer…looks like loads of fun!

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