252. Girl

Here is my 8 year old niece Marie again….she is becoming quite the young lady (and model)!   I know I am biased, but what a cutie!



~ by Tammy on September 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “252. Girl”

  1. Sweet smile!

  2. She is definitely a cutie, and this is a great shot. I love all of the pink and green color thing going on here.

  3. Biased, maybe. Model material….definitely!

  4. All girl there – and such a great smile! I like the way she’s posed on the pink car.

  5. You said you had been having a hard time, but you have this lovely girl to give you inspiration – Oh THAT’s the problem, she makes you realize just how old your getting. – Hope this cheers you up a little anyway, she is a doll.

  6. You’re so lucky that you have such a great model! I have the most fun when I am photographing my son, cousins, niece & nephew… Your niece seems to really enjoy being photographed- great photo!

  7. Nice portrait! She will be a heart-breaker when she gets a little older!

  8. Biased or not, you’re right! What a smile she has!

  9. She very cute! A very nice portrait of here.

  10. Love the smile…she’s a real cutie.

  11. lovely young lady! likin’ the pink/green too…

  12. She is lovely indeed, sweet shot.

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