250. Rainbow

This beautiful fella is proudly displaying almost all of the colors in a rainbow….



~ by Tammy on September 7, 2009.

16 Responses to “250. Rainbow”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    He is differently rainbow colored. Your Husker Man is cute. Have a great day!


  2. So full of Colour!

  3. Wonderful choice for this theme! Love the colors!!!

  4. Really like the pose, and, wow, the colors are fabulous. Also, great detail in the feathers.

  5. He’s gorgeous!

  6. Amazing colours! He really pops out from the BW background.

  7. Beautiful~

  8. Such a crisp shot- the color is great, I notice that the red predominates – is that related to the post below?

  9. Wonderful take on the theme. There is so much great detail in his feathers.

  10. He is beautiful, and his plumage stands out so well against the drab color of the tree bark. You certainly have a talent for capturing animals in a fabulous way with your camera.

  11. Beutiful!

  12. What a brilliant shot (in more ways than one.)

  13. Stunning colors, especially against that soft brown bark. You’re giving Ron’s Lorikeets a run for their money!

  14. Brilliant color! That bird looks spray-painted.

  15. Nice shot and clever choice for the theme.

  16. These are all the colours found on the walls of our home…the red just needs to be darker and this colourful fella could fly around here undetected! lol

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