249. Big Events

If there is one thing I could say about Nebraska, it would have to be it loves it’s college football team the Huskers!  On game days you see people weraring red Huskers shirts, Nebraska football flags flying everywhere, huge balloon Nebraska mascots, Nebraska football parties everywhere and a sea of red in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium.  During game times the state literaly shuts down, the malls are empty, the movie theaters are empty, the roads are emtpy…………well yesterday was no different,  our game opener was yesterday and we have many happy Husker fans this morning,  a 49-3  victory!  Now we are gearing up for next Saturday’s Big Event against Arkansas State!  Go Huskers!



~ by Tammy on September 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “249. Big Events”

  1. Victory!!!

  2. lil Red seems very Big to me 🙂

  3. I’m not an Arkansas State fan, but lining in AR, I’d have to root for them against the Huskers!LOL We had a good friend and Husker fan on our houseboat dock and we had lots of fun teasing him! You always have good teams! Maybe it’s all the wonderful fans! I do like your photo!

  4. Happen to be in Austin during the season opener. Go Horns! And, yep, anything remotely related to football is huge! Great character and color (even if not burnt orange).

  5. You have to love team spirit! I’m not a college football fan, but I’ll give you a Go Huskers! just to join in the spirit of things.

  6. GO HUSKERS! Love your use of selective color here!

  7. Very cute and ROLL TIDE!!!!

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