248. Humor

This little duck jumped out of the exhibit all these people were looking at and joined them, he wanted to be in on the excitement too….doesn’t he look like he belongs there?


~ by Tammy on September 5, 2009.

23 Responses to “248. Humor”

  1. Looks like he’s a part of the visitors,
    great shot!

  2. This made me smile – I don’t know which is funnier, the duck or the lady looking right at you! What great treatment too!!

  3. I like it!
    And thank you!

  4. What was so funny that the duck had to push people “outta the way Guys”, just so it could see what was going on, should got a shot of that.

  5. OK is it me or does this duck look weird?
    It looks like a seagull with a duck bill…those legs are so long…Tammy…you playing in photoshop?
    The expression is priceless tho! LOL

  6. I love this. The woman’s expression is so fine. Very well seen and shot and processed!

  7. I love the perspective of this shot, Tammy! Great eye!

  8. the humor in this is that nobody seems to think it is a strange thing!
    Great picture!!

  9. Hi Tammy,
    That is an awesome photo! It made me smile! Have a great day!


  10. How in the WORLD did you see this Tammy???

  11. Love the look and tone of this one!

  12. A great photo! Is it a real duck?? But nobody looks surprised…

  13. This really did make me laugh! Do you remember the old Life magazine? In its heyday, there was always a quirky humorous photo at the very end of the magazine. This would have been perfect.

  14. He seems equally as curious and interested in the goings-on as all the rest of the spectators!

  15. This is so cute and my goodness, what a great shot! Your timing had to have been just perfect to get this. This image definitely has a very photojournalistic feel to it. And it is pretty funny- made me smile.

  16. I love this photo, and I think the processing is right on the money. With the sepia tint, the duck doesn’t jump out at you until the last second, making the surprise that much more powerful.

  17. Fabulous processing and love the b & w! I think the humor is yours though. Great job at photoshopping! (I think lol)

  18. This is so precious. He really looks like he is looking around to see what is so interesting.

  19. Brilliant photo 🙂

  20. Lol. Great catch.

  21. that is so funny…nice capture!

  22. I didn’t even see the duck.. I saw the woman first and then the duck! That makes it a perfect photo for my favorites!

  23. You need to send this photo to the Elements magazine – they put in pictures of subscribers now. Do you get that magazine? It is the best photo!

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