247. Gentle

Figured I better get off the air show pictures since Ron told me to come down off my broomstick…..Well I made it most of the way down before running into this gentle giant…



~ by Tammy on September 4, 2009.

13 Responses to “247. Gentle”

  1. Still haven’t come down to Earth though have you LOL. Beautiful shot of Lofty, I wonder what he found strange about you that caught his attention, might have been the pointy hat, ah well the list is so long, just like his neck, which contains the same number of vertebrae as yours does.

  2. What a sweetie! I love giraffes! This is a great shot!

  3. I’m starting to wonder about Ron’s influence around here … told me my post was too long and not humorous enough (!!!!!!), told another blogger than his theme choice was too much of a stretch (!!!???!!) and now he’s telling you to change the subject????? Geesh!!!

    On the topic of your shot – I think he’s got “the look of love” – better watch out!

  4. I think he found you sweet, that is why he is looking at you like that, maybe he felt a bit sorry for you having Ron teasing you too 🙂
    Its a beautiful picture!

  5. What a sweet look! Mayber Vicki is right?! Keep your distance….

  6. If you must listen to Ron at least it was with a great segue into this soulful shot.

  7. What a sweetie! A beautiful photo!

  8. Great portrait!

  9. He’s giving you such a loving look as he makes eye contact – what a flirt! Nice capture! I loved your Blue Angel series too – lots of nice action shots!

  10. I love giraffes! You captured his sweet face so perfectly!

  11. Beautiful portrait and the bokeh is awesome!

  12. Great DOF. Such gentle looking eyes.

  13. Love it!

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