246. Navigational Aids

To do the stunts these planes do, I am sure they have tons of navigational aids…



~ by Tammy on September 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “246. Navigational Aids”

  1. You really have beautiful photos from the Air Show.

  2. Another outstanding photo!!!

  3. Hello from Sweden!

  4. Any chance of you coming down to earth any time soon, must have had the broom souped up to catch those planes but noticed, the jets still pull away from you.

  5. You can’t keep up with these on a broom….what are you thinking!

  6. All great photos from the airshow…lovely images. The one of the planes going in all different directions makes my tummy churn…

  7. Fabulous Air Show series!! You did a great job capturing all of the action.

  8. One can only hope! Another wonderful air show shot!

  9. I’m loving this series, Tammy!!

  10. This is a neat series – I haven’t been to an air show in over 20 years, so these are just great to see.

  11. Another fine shot, i love the color in the planes and the puffy trails against that blue, blue sky.

  12. Ellen said pretty much everything I was going to! Great shot!

  13. All of these air show pics are fabulous. Great shutter work.

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