243. Numbers

We did make it to the Offutt Air Show over the weekend and, as always, it was incredible.  My favorite of the day was a performance by the Blue Angels (who has not been to Omaha in about 7 years).  While flying over our heads I noticed the Blue Angels were all numbered…



~ by Tammy on August 31, 2009.

17 Responses to “243. Numbers”

  1. The shades of blue are great in this shot and the blue angels are always a fantastic subject to photograph.

  2. Great capture of the Blue Angels! | haven’t been to an airshow in many years but living in Canada’s capital, we often have flyovers of Canada’s demonstration team, the Snowbirds. Always a thrill!

    I’ll be trying to get back into blog visiting as the kids get back to school tomorrow. Shall try to catch up on seeing your summer’s images too….

  3. My Dad was career Air Force (altho not a pilot), so the Blue Angels were a big part of our lives – I’ve seen them more times than I can count. This shot evokes lots of memories for me. Really good, shot with the contrails and the contrast against the sky. Well done!

  4. Great stop-action shot!! I love the trails behind them.

  5. Great composition!

  6. Great shot! Aren’t they fun to watch? They are so good at the aerials stunts!

  7. Wonderful stopped action shot. They must have been moving on, too. The Blue Angels are very impressive.

  8. I have to admit thta the Blue Angels terrify me–I’d be ducking instead of shooting, so I really admire this shot!

  9. Like Bobbie the one time I saw this I was spooked, so it is a treat to see them safely and quietly and with such fine detail

  10. This is a great picture!!

  11. Love the shot and your use of it for this theme! The sky was a perfect background to add more interest to the action of the jets and vapor trails. Great job!

  12. Great capture of the Blue Angels!

  13. As tough as it is for those pilots to fly in formation, I know it is also very tough to catch a great shot like this when they are traveling so fast. Well done!

  14. Another amazing shot – it’s hard to capture those jets in flight and you’ve got them crisp and clear!

  15. The precision is amazing – good job capturing that motion as they whizzed by!

  16. Fabulous capture. Love all the colors and detail and that gorgeous sky! Thanks for leaving all those kind comments on my blog while I was MIA!

  17. The best shot! We must have seen them the last time they were there then. My pics aren’t anywhere near as good as yours! I was so amazed at how small the cockpits are and how small you need to be to be a pilot!

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