242. Metallic

These poor wings may be a bit tattered, but they still show off thier beautiful metallic colors!


~ by Tammy on August 30, 2009.

17 Responses to “242. Metallic”

  1. Beautiful capture Tammy! Looks like he has had a tough little life.

  2. wow, this looks like it could be a glass ornament if it weren’t for the tears…great shot!

  3. I was expecting a Dominatrix shot here Dear! Love the double wing shot, and you can hardly see the Pin!

  4. Great catch of this pretty critter (are bugs, critters??)

  5. Great shot!! Fabulous detail.

    Tammy, I wasn’t lying on the ground when I took the pic of the courthouse but I was leaning back so far that I almost fell!!

  6. I just finished commenting on Terri’s dragonfly photo. lol This is another great shot!

  7. Oh my gosh! This photo just took my breath away! The metallic gleam of the body, the intricate detail of the life-worn wings, the way it’s all so distinct against that soft, soft background…No words can do it justice.

  8. This is really cool- awesome job on it!

  9. Nice shot, Tammy!

  10. Just lovely!!

  11. Wow – our dragonflies are blue – completely different. This is stunning!

  12. Great clarity and detail. It is getting close to the end of summer, so I guess this fellow is an old man.

  13. You did get such great detail, who knew what wear and tear the wings of dragonflies show until this challenge.

  14. Beautiful shot! I just love that coppery color but haven’t been able to find one like it in my neighborhood and if I did I’m sure he wouldn’t sit still for me.

  15. Wonderful photo!

  16. I’m back from my long hiatus of not commenting – and it’s great sto see all the wonderful photos. This butterfly really does look metallic and your photo shines, too. It’s hard to get those transparent wings, but you nailed it.

  17. Beautiful close up!

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