240. Intersection

This is the Holy Shrine in Gretna that I posted earlier (much earlier).  If you can recall, I took the image from the car on the interstate.  I finally decided to go up there to see it up close and what a pleasent surprise I got.  It was just beautiful.  One of the cool things about the shrine was the running water – on the outside of the structure you can see the water flowing towards the shrine, once inside if you look on the floor the water continues on both sides of the aisle and finally ends up in front of the first pews on both sides.  The noise of the running water was so soothing.  The flower gardens surrounding the structure were also just beautiful.  After looking through my themes I still have to fulfill, I decided to put this under intersection, look at both pictures and notice all of the intersections in the roof and ceiling areas…




~ by Tammy on August 28, 2009.

20 Responses to “240. Intersection”

  1. Glad you took the time to do this, Tammy. You’re right – it’s very interesting and quite unique! Very special place! Well done!

  2. Only an Estate Agent would see a Crossbeam support as an Intersection, you shouldn’t drive straight after the Wine Tasting you know, especially your long bouts. Terrific Architectural detail in both shots.

  3. Very creative use of this theme. Love the composition and colors in the first shot…..the second one has wonderful lines and angles. Fabulous shots!

  4. What a spectacular structure. Just beautiful! Thanks for going back to it. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful building! I love the architecture.
    Perfect for the theme 😉

  6. This is an amazing structure. Glad you went back and shared it with us. Perfect for theme in many ways,

  7. I’m glad you decided to go back. This is gorgeous. It’s very peaceful and serene looking.

  8. Wow, that is a cooool building! I dont think I would hear a word of what the priest said if I were there! I would be lost with the view 🙂

  9. Oohhh! What a neat building and you captured it beautifully!

  10. I’m glad too that you went back to this striking building, I love the idea of the water running inside. Both fine shots

  11. What a stunning place! Just looking at your photos, I feel chills. It’s so stark, and yet so soothing. If we’re ever back in Nebraska again, we will certainly want to find it.

  12. The is gorgeous! It’s so peaceful!

  13. Serenity Now! I’m glad you went back toooooo…

  14. Love the inside shot with no one in the building! I don’t remember this being there when we lived in Omaha! Great find.

  15. What lines, great structure and composition.

  16. What an intriguing place! Your shots are great and the theme interpretation is spot on.

  17. Very beautiful. Who maintains this? They do a wonderful job. The textures in both pictures are great.

  18. What a unique place! You’ve done a great job of capturing the architectural beauty of it. You’ve also made me want to visit it myself!

  19. I remember the earlier photo! What a strikingky beautiful worship space. Thanks for more photos of this awesome structure.

  20. Such a sense of holy serenity. Lovely shots!

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