238. Warnings

If these huge claws on this cute litttle sun bear aren’t enough to warn you to stay away,  I don’t know what will….doesn’t he look so harmless just laying there and basking in the sun??



~ by Tammy on August 26, 2009.

14 Responses to “238. Warnings”

  1. If it wasn’t for the claws,he would be cute! Love the wrinkles like a Shar Pei! My husband gets those wrinkles on his head now that he has less hair :-). Great shot!

  2. I’d be jealous of the nails if they didn’t make it so hard to get the noxema out of the jar! Great sharpness to this shot, which plays off the (apparent) softness of his fur! Well done@

  3. Wonderful composition and bokeh! Love all the textures you captured also!

  4. What a study in contradiction: warm, cute expression and lethal claws.

  5. Thank heaven you let him rest, not pestered him like you would your long suffering spouse, Maybe he should stop trimming his finger nails – Hmmm Me too! LOL

  6. Great DOF and sharp sharp sharp.

  7. He sure could use a mani and pedi!!

  8. OMG! HOW did you take this picture?! He is soo cute… and this is such a wonderful photo of him- everything about it is great. His mother would be proud!

  9. Sure looks harmless until one sees the clows!!

  10. He´s so cute!! Looks absolutely harmless:)

  11. He is very cute and this is a great picture, but those claws are nasty looking.

  12. What a face! Great shot of those crazy claws!

  13. All I see are 6 inch nails! Is there something behind them? :-0

  14. What a great pose he is giving you! I love the texture of the tree and his silky fur together.

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