236. Grin

Look at the big grin my nephew Mikey easily gives.  He is my only niece or nephew that tells me “Aunt Tammy get your camera”!  What a ham (and a cutie, look at those huge blue eyes)! Mikey


~ by Tammy on August 24, 2009.

15 Responses to “236. Grin”

  1. Ham’s are the best. Sadly my friends little boy is getting a lot more shy around the camera and will hide from it more. But when he was younger it was all big cheesy smile.

  2. What a cutie! Those blue eyes are gorgeous. Very nice candid portrait!

  3. I love Pastrami calling another Ham, the eyes though seem to grin even more than his mouth does, he must have some of your Devil in him, poor kid.

  4. He is so cute and such gorgeous eyes!! Isn’t it awesome that at least one person wants you to go and get your camera!!

  5. He´s really cute your nephew!

  6. Ron is right those eyes are smiling as much or more. This is a great portrait.

  7. He is so precious. My granddaughter doesn’t like the camera. I can’t take a picture of her with just the two of us around because she won’t look at the camera.

  8. Beautiful, natural portrait of a darling little boy!

  9. Wonderful shot! How lucky you are to have such a willing subject!

  10. What a great photo – eyes are just beautiful, grin is adorable.

  11. What a gorgeous photo! Love the composition and that daring little boy! His smile is priceless! Fabulous shot!

  12. He is a cutie- first thing that struck me were those piercing blue eyes. Jealous that you have such an aadorable and willing subject. Everytime I get my camera out, everyone in the family scatters- even the dog!

  13. One of the best thing about kids is they haven’t had a chance to become self-conscious about their appearance the way adults are. The little squirt has a face that was made for the camera! Adorable!

  14. Super cutie and he’s willing? Perfect combo!

  15. Yeah, he’s a ham alright–but why not? What exuberance and joy is in his eyes!

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