235. Chain

A chain linked fence that is (once again, thanks to Ron’s teachings, a bit of a stretch).  In the wildlife safari, there was a place you could stop and hike the trails to some captive animals.  Although the area where the black bears were kept was nice and very large, this bear insisted at sitting at the fence, perhaps to get a finger for dinner??  Now would you feel safe with all between you and a black bear was a chain linked fence??  Hmmmmmmm……………..



~ by Tammy on August 23, 2009.

13 Responses to “235. Chain”

  1. Hmm…probably not since his mouth is open!!

    The photographs that I missed while I was gone are, as always, wonderful photographs. I really like the fun that was had TPing your house but the eagle and the elk are my favorite.

  2. as always……great!

  3. Great Self Portrait Tammy.

  4. Ummm …not so much!! He looks nice enough, though!

  5. He does look fierce. I like the idea and the composition of the picture.

  6. No way! I think this shot would also fit the “risky” theme! yikes!

  7. WOW!!!

  8. Seems a bit weak to hold that guy inside if he gets angry…

  9. I hope that was zoomed in! Is that an electric wire too maybe? They look like they can dig really well, I’d think I’d want that fence buried deeply.

  10. Nice photo, but I hope you had a long lens and a fast getaway planned!

  11. Nice shot! Looks like a nice bear, but still, more fence would be better.

  12. A very loaded image that tells something. Nice shot!

  13. Great shot! I feel bad when I see animals that should be roaming free caged up. But that’s another story! Unique take on chain!

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