234. Adolescence

Hey look, it snowed in August….this is what I woke up to this morning, ugh….the school year has officially begun!  LOL



~ by Tammy on August 22, 2009.

18 Responses to “234. Adolescence”

  1. Hope it’s not your house! Ahhh the kids are rebelling and schools only just begun. What will it be like in Feb or March.

  2. Naturally, it is my house! The boys are out there cleaning it up as we speak (and planning revenge)….

  3. LOL – and that’s not even a stretch, Tammy!! How did they manage to do this without making any sound? I’m impressed by the ingenuity.

  4. OMG! Someone really likes your boys! They were pretty artistic and I would imagine there were some girls involved! KIDS!!! Great photo!

  5. At least you know you’re “loved”!

  6. O-M-G!!! Hysterical!
    Love your house!!

  7. Give your kids a big Thumbs Up from their mischief Mentor Down Under and say “They Done Good”.

  8. Hi Tammy,
    It has a nice pattern to it! Well, hope the boys get it cleaned up before it rains! Have a great day!


  9. Oh, I do love other people’s teenagers!! I wouldn’t own another of my own for anything but I do enjoy the teens of others!

  10. I’m glad you could LOL about this! I’d be boo-hoo-hooing! What a mess but a fun shot for us to see!

  11. In my younger years I seem to remember there were usually eggs involved. You lucked out with just TP! Fun shot!

  12. They are already stocking the Halloween Store here so you can pretend that it was Halloween!

  13. It does seem an elaborate job, glad you are smiling and the boys are cleaning up

  14. How funny (messy, but funny). I bet the boys got a kick out of it.

  15. I love how they framed the lawn with those artistic touches!
    That must have been a shock to wake up to…..were you laughing when you first saw it? lol Great take on this theme! Can’t wait ’til Halloween!!

  16. So sorry…..to hear you were TPed
    Are you recycling any ???? lol

  17. Oh, I remember doing that when I was a teenager! I especially like the way they lined the corner of the yard!

  18. yes, definitely has a girl’s touch to it! at least you have cleaner-uppers on hand! lol beautiful home btw!

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